16A 3-phase AC charging cable on supply side

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EN 16A 3-phase AC charging cable on supply side

|Charging mode: 3, Connection mode: B

Product model


Double head gun assembly combination model

MBO-F16-03 To MBO-C16-03

Safety performance and feature of the product

Rated voltage

250V/480V AC

Rated current

16A Max

Working temperature

-40°C ~ +85°C

Protection level


Fire-protection Rating

UL94 V-0

Standard adopted

IEC 62196-2


1. 符合IEC 62196-2认证标准要求。

2. 插头采用小腰一体式设计外形高级、大气、整洁、美观,手持式设计符合人体工程学原理,防滑触感,握感舒适。

3. 优越防护性能,防护等级达到IP55。

4. 可靠性材料,阻燃、环保、耐磨、耐辗压(2T),耐高温、耐低温、耐冲击、高抗油、抗紫外线。

5. 电缆采用导电性能最好的99.99%无氧铜杆,护套采用TPU材料,耐高温最高可达105°C且阻燃,耐磨、抗弯曲,独 有的电缆设计,可以防止电缆断芯、缠绕和打结。

Safety performance and feature of the product:

1. Comply with: IEC 62196-2 certification standard requirements.

2. The plug uses the one-piece design of small waist, which is advanced in appearance, grand, neat and beautiful. The hand-held design conforms to the ergonomics principle, having the anti-skid touch and comfortable grip.

3. Excellent protection performance, the protection grade reaches IP55.

4. Reliable material: inflaming retarding, environmental protection, wear resistance, rolling resistance (2T), high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, impact resistance, high oil resistance, UV resistance.

5.The cable is made of 99.99% oxygen-free copper rod with the best electrical conductivity. The sheath is made of TPU material, which can withstand high temperature up to 105°C and is inflaming retarding, abrasion resistant and bending resistant. The unique cable design can prevent the cable from breaking core, winding and knot.